Sticks and seals permanently

Whether it’s Butyl tape, Butyl round cord with or without a core, Butyl tape with aluminium lamination, special lamination, as a Butyl section or Butyl punched part or Butyl in a barrel as barrel melting Butyl.


Overview EGO butyle

Differentiation of EGO Butyl sealants.

Overview EGOButylproducts

Material Properties of EGO Butyl.

EGO Butyl tapes are malleable sealing tapes with precise profile structures, which have been used as an addition or alternative to the usual injection sealants for more than 40 years. EGO Butyl, which is ready for immediate use, is particularly noted for high and long-lasting adhesive power, ageing and weather-resistance – just pure Butyl. The versatile material properties of the EGO Butyl products and the individual forms offer an extraordinary range of possible applications.They comply with the application recommendations of the IVD leaflet no. 5. International test certificates and expert reports confirm the excellent characteristics of the EGO products.

Butyl characteristics

  • ready-to-use, non-reactive tapes, the properties of which do not change over decades
  • permanently adhesive and malleable with partly elastic properties
  • self-sealing and immediately functional after processing
  • stable in volume and solvent-free, resistant to ageing, weather and UV
  • outstanding resistance to water vapour
  • physiologically safe and environmentally friendly
  • virtually unlimited shelf life
  • excellent compatibility with most conventional construction materials, including Bitumen and plasticiser-free foils and plastic components, such as polycarbonate, polyacrylate, hard PVC, polyethylene, etc.

Compatibility of the EGO Butyl tapes with sealants must be confirmed by the respective manufacturers. We generally recommend using our EGO oxim and alcoxy silicone sealants.

Butyl qualities

The EGO Butyl qualities generally differ in:

  • Density
  • Pressure resistance
  • Tensile strength
  • Impact strength
  • Shore 00 hardness and Penetration
  • Tack
  • Inner tensile strength

Specific material properties

  • Surfactant resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Melting properties
  • Suitability for use with food
  • Microbiological resistance, and much more

Production engineering

Our flexible production engineering, developed in-house, ensures customised production with high quality standards (DIN ISO 9001). As a result, our EGO Butyl tapes have an extraordinarily large product range when it comes to shape, structure and properties:

  • Block profiles in thicknesses of 0.5 mm to 40 mm and widths of 3 mm to 400 mm
  • Round profiles with diameters of 2 mm to 80 mm
  • Injections in round profiles as cotton, nylon, rubber or foam cores (for tear or distance protection)
  • All types of lamination, e.g. with foils, textiles, fleece or mesh
  • Rolls with outer diameters of up to 500 mm
  • Production of multi-strand large rolls
  • Delivery in disposable or reusable packaging
  • Delivery as bulk goods in barrels

Individual special profiles

We are happy to directly implement your individual customer requirements and offer EGO Butyl tapes not only as tapes, but also in a wide selection of:

  • Special profiles (e.g. trapezoid or U shape)
  • Square and round profiles
  • Sections with lengths from 4 cm
  • Punched parts from a thickness of 2 mm

Delivery in a box

On the basis of extensive, long-term experience, we have developed excellent packaging techniques. They are particularly reflected by the economic and budget-conscious packaging of Butyl rolls. For example, the roll length is often adjusted to the standard cardboard box dimensions, which in turn are suitable for pallet shipping. Moreover, we use product stabilisation methods which have been tried and tested over many years to ensure safe anti-slip transport.
In addition to cardboard boxes with the EGO design, we also offer neutral white or individually printed boxes. The same applies to the box labels, which can be individually designed. The side panels that stabilise the rolls during transportation provide an additional option for application of customised advertising or information for use.

Industrial packaging

In addition to standard packaging in cardboard boxes, practical multi-use packaging is also available. This type of packaging is based on environmentally friendly materials and is always available.

  • Outer box for protection of inserts and packaging units
  • Side panels (can be printed upon request) for Butyl tape rolls
  • Uprights for stabilisation of Butyl tapes
  • Roll holders for safe transportation of large rolls
  • Wood inserts as transport protection for Butyl tapes
    • up to 20,000 m inside an outer box
    • up to 200 m on a roll

Bulk goods in barrels

We are happy to deliver Butyl as bulk goods barrels – packed in 200 l barrels as standard for further processing in barrel melting plants – in specially agreed Butyl qualities. Processing options for Butyl products in barrels are found in industry for a large number of application areas. Butyl products in barrels are characterised by their flow temperature of 125 °C. We are happy to provide other flow temperatures upon request.


Frequently asked questions

Yes, Butyl tapes can be painted over – but not with conventional paints. In order to paint Butyl tapes, you need a so-called fleece lamination.

Adhesion to the substrate is purely physical, can be improved by forceful pressing or rolling and increases with time. The contact surfaces must therefore be dry, stable and free from dust and de-bonding agents. The seal is maintained through sufficient contact pressure and low displacement of the contact surfaces. Butyl tapes are suitable for sealing and fixing without the transfer of mechanical forces. Since Butyl tapes are a malleable material, a constant pressure load on Butyl tapes results in their deformation between the sealing surfaces. Pressing the sealing surfaces together ensures a perfect seal and evens out any unevenness in the substrates. Please see our Primer table for improvement of adhesion.

On the basis of the Elastomer and KTW guidelines, most Butyl tapes are not suitable for use in drinking water systems. However, EGO Butyl tapes, particularly with the EGOBON Butyl quality, fulfil the requirements for direct contact with food.

Interior sealing products should have high sealing against water vapour Diffusion. The principle of “tighter on the inside than on the outside” applies.

In our product range, the following products provide these properties: EGOFERM with fleece, EGOFERM with fleece RS, EGOBON with fleece, EGOTAPE 1000 and EGOTAPE 2000.

A general answer to this question cannot be given, it depends on the respective product. The following rule of thumb applies for EGOFERM with fleece and EGOBON with fleece: An adhesive area of up to around 30 millimetres can be plastered over to a maximum thickness of 8 millimetres. Important: Make sure you don’t plaster over the movement area.

In contrast to many other sealing products, EGO Butyl is permanently self-adhesive and immediately functional. Furthermore, they have high resistance to water vapour Diffusion and are also ageing, weather, UV and long-term resistant. If low Emission values are required for the application or the focus is on absolutely physiologically harmless products without the need for the use of protective equipment, then EGO Butyl is the right choice.

EGO Butyl is temperature-resistant to +100 °C. For some laminated EGO Butyl tapes, the lamination reduces the temperature-resistance to 90 °C. With long-term exposure to 130 °C or more, the Polymer chains in the Butyl may break down and the Butyl may depolymerise, i.e. break down into its components. 

EGO Butyl tapes are self-adhesive and immediately functional, and retain these properties even in outdoor areas since they are resistant to ageing and weather-resistant. EGO Butyl tapes are also UV-resistant and long-term resistant.