Sealing air-conditioning systems / sealing heating systems

Cold outside, hot inside

The EGO experts deal with the requirements in the production of air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems on a daily basis. We have made it our mission not only to set standards with our sealants in temperate climate zones such as Germany, but also in the warmth or cold of extreme climate zones. How do we manage it? With high quality standards. Some of our EGOSILICONES are tested in temperature ranges between -60 °C and +180 °C and thus stand up to all requirements. We are able to reliably seal and decouple cooling units; we absorb temperature fluctuations.

Our adhesives and sealants also seal heating systems so that they can spread their warming effect through the house unhindered. We are proud of the performance of our products and guarantee you maximum reliability and longevity. Let our EGO experts advise you or arrange a consultation appointment with your specialist air conditioning & heating company / shop.