Adhesive & sealant for the automotive industry

Mobility connected

The field of mobility is a central Element in the areas of application for our products. Our adhesives and sealants for the automotive industry are precisely tailored to the requirements of the automotive sector. Our range is tailored to the requirements of car manufacturers, truck manufacturers, caravan manufacturers, bus manufacturers and suppliers.

Vehicle manufacturers operating around the world use adhesives & sealants from EGO as a reliable, quick and efficient solution for the ever-increasing requirements. As a manufacturer of adhesives, we support our customers and partners with innovative products which can be used in automotive assembly lines with process reliability.

Our range of products for the automotive industry includes roof Liner adhesive, body panel adhesive, trim adhesives, window sealants and drone-reducing sealants. Our industrial consultants and application technicians are happy to work with you to develop solutions for interior and exterior applications together. Based on our products which not only promise a high-quality standard, but also aim for great environmental protection: namely low VOC values and LEED compliance.