Marine sealants for ships

Always enough water under the keel

The requirements for marine sealants for ships are complex. Picture the scene: you’re on the high seas and there’s no land in sight for days or even weeks. Wouldn’t you be happy not to have to worry about your materials, at least? That’s why we rely on carefully chosen and reliable products, which meet a wide range of requirements with regard to movement and expansion. Our marine products are also salt water-resistant and are therefore also prepared for exposure to extreme weather conditions.

We put the quality of the material through its paces again and again in climatic chambers and UV chambers. It’s not by chance, therefore, that an expedition to Antarctica survived the long sea journey and the arctic climate well with our EGOBUTYLS. The same applies for the meteorological stations which we sealed with our sealants and which thus protected the members of the expedition against wind and weather. If you too need high-quality, seaworthy sealants, then feel free to contact our EGO experts at any time.