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Deutsche Bauchemie e.V.
IVD Industrieverband Dichtstoffe e. V.

Tradition & experience

EGO Dichtstoffwerke is a family-run company which has been based in Garmisch-Partenkirchen since it was founded in 1947. Over the past more than 70 years, we have built up our extensive knowledge on the topic of sealants and adhesives.

Technology & research

Our research department has constantly been setting standards for the industry. Engineers, technicians and scientists are continually working on improving existing products and developing new products in order to make life easier for you as the user.

Environment & sustainability

Environmental protection and sustainability are important to us. As early as 1984, we had already developed the EGOPACK, a reusable packaging. In 2018, we achieved environmental certification in accordance with ISO 14001:2015. We are constantly working on optimising production processes and products.