EGOSIL TAPES are permanently elastic silicone rubber tapes for sealing high-rise construction joints, especially for repairing faulty joint seals in precast and building construction.


Possibilities of material basis, special characteristics, spec. application cases and VOC.

Silicon joint tapes from EGO are perfect for:

  • Facade building construction joints, especially for renovation and repair

Frequently asked questions

In general, Elastomer joint tapes cannot be painted over. The requirement for painting over would be having passed a test in accordance with DIN 52452-4/A3, while at the same time specifying the trade name of the coating. In practice, silicone tapes are generally not painted over.

Silicone tapes are predominantly designed for exterior wall joints and building disconnection joints. Silicone tapes are also an appropriate choice for connection joints between various structural elements and building materials.

EGOSIL TAPES are temperature-resistant from -40 °C to +180 °C.