Adhesive & Sealant for Caravans

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If you achieve perfection through process reliability in mass production, the art of special vehicle construction lies in the details. So we also have the right seal ready for single pieces or unique pieces. No matter whether new vehicle construction or maintenance - we have the right product for you.

At EGO, we offer ready-to-use sealant solutions specifically made for your needs in the interior and exterior of your caravan or camper. You also get sustainable sealing in addition to maximum functionality.

The simple sealing of your caravan

Service hatches

With Butyl (EGOBON 217EGOBON 219) or pasty sealant (EGO SMP 805EGO SMP 822), depending on the construction, a reliable seal against oily or salty spray water is attained.

Blinker bulge

Plastic components and facings (e.g. turn signals, lighting, etc.) which are integrated or screwed on are mounted with Butyl flat profiles (EGOBON 217EGOBON 219) or pasty sealant (EGO SMP 805, EGO SMP 822).

Roof covers

Sealing the roof is one of the most important sealing at all. For this purpose, use a high-performance Butyl-based sealant as a round profile. The round profiles (EGOBON 217EGOFERM) can be easily placed in sealing channels and compensate for possible tolerances during pressing. Flat profiles (EGOTAPE 2000) can be used for later repairs.

Sanitary area

In areas like the shower, WC or sink, a fungal growth preventing joint sealant is recommended. The sanitary area particularly is susceptible to the formation of mold and to the accumulation of dirt particles. EGO sanitary sealants (EGOSILICON 151, EGOSILICON 191) are fungal growth preventing.

Roof and side wall parts

The sealing of the side wall parts in the top roof area and on the side walls can be applied using Butyl (EGOBON 217, EGOFERM) or pasty sealants (EGO SMP 805EGO SMP 818) together with aluminum profile and then carefully screwed.

Kitchen area countertop

The assembly of countertops or cabinets requires a reliable adhesive with extremely high adhesive strength. A pasty assembly adhesive is used as secondary bonding at the bumper edge (EGO SMP 805, EGO SMP 822).

Sealing the countertop in the kitchenette

The connection joint of worktops has to be sealed against dirt and moisture. For this purpose, we recommend our cleanroom silicone, which is physiologically harmless in contact with food when cured. We recommend EGOSILICON 351 and EGOSILICON 352.

Assembly of compartments and built-in parts

As a rule, it has to be possible to assemble built-in components quickly. Due to any torsion and angulations in the component, screw connections can be very time-consuming. Adhesives with high adhesive strength and fast setting times are suitable for this purpose (EGOPOXID 2100EGO SMP 822).

Side and rear windows

For assembly and sealing of the window frames on the side or rear parts, a plasto-elastic adhesive and sealant is recommended (EGO SMP 805EGO SMP 818).

Window sealing

Window or repair sealants require a UV-resistant, weatherproof sealant. An elastic sealant is recommended (EGOSILICON 300EGOSILICON 351EGOSILICON 360).

Ventilation / cooling units

Cooling units, air-conditioning systems and ventilation components are exposed to very high requirements due to water vapor, temperature and spray water. Functional sealing is necessary to prevent water or moisture from getting into the composite parts. Non-shrinking and non-brittle butyls (EGOFERMEGOBONEGOFLOTT abtupfbar) are absolutely recommended here.

EPDM, APTK or neoprene sealants

EPDM, APTK or neoprene sealants are applied endlessly in the window area and bonded seamlessly at the upper bumper edges, e.g. with CONLOC CA 528 (cyanoacrylate adhesive).

Cable bushings / bodywork openings

Various breakthroughs such as cable ducts and wastewater or supply water lines must be sealed against the occurrence of salt water, dirt, vibrations and moisture. Cables can be wrapped with Butyl (EGOBUTYL 240) for example, and pulled into the breakthrough.

Roof and side wall parts

The sealing of the side wall parts in the top roof area and on the side walls can be sealed using Butyl (EGOTAPE 1000) underneath the decorative trim.

Ecological building with EGO products


FAQs about sealing caravans

Depending on the requirements and area of application, special Butyl sealants and SMP- and silicone-based adhesives/sealants for industrial use are available for the various constructions and sealing systems.

Butyl round cords are used, among other things, for joints and seals that can also be detached again later, e.g. in the case of a repair, and for areas without a visible joint edge. Special self-adhesive Butyl round cords are also used in the caravan industry as round profiles with an injected "core". The core is used, among other things, as a spacer and at the same time as dimensional stability and tear protection during processing.

EGOFLOTT is a sprayable one-component sealant based on Butyl rubber with plasto-elastic properties and good UV and weather resistance. In case of repair, the connection can also be dissolved again. Im Reparaturfall kann die Verbindung auch wieder gelöst werden. EGOFLOTT is used for permanent sealing of joints, bumps, grooves, overlaps and sheet metal protrusions as well as between plywood flooring and metal frames.

The self-adhesive, aluminum-coated, Butyl rubber-based sealing tape EGOTAPE 2000 can be used to quickly seal water leaks. The lamination consists of a tear-resistant aluminum foil that is permanently bonded to the Butyl and is resistant to aging, weathering and UV. The one-sided self-adhesive sealing tape is immediately functional, even without Primer, and there is no curing time.

Basically, the caravan should be checked for leaks at regular intervals to increase its lifetime. Fogged up interior windows and a musty smell can be the first warning signs, especially if the windows start to fog up even though the caravan is not being used. In this case, the air humidity in the interior should be checked immediately and the caravan should be inspected for possible water or moisture ingress, which can appear in the form of water spots, for example. Of particular importance here are the windows, roof hatches, window seals, subsequently attached screw connections and connections of the walls to the roof.

EGO-Butyl can be used to make removable and permanently plastic seals. The Butyl does not harden and remains plastic. This means that the seals can be dismantled again later.

Special self-adhesive Butyl round cords with a core are used here. The core serves, among other things, as a spacer and at the same time as dimensional stability and tear protection during application.

EGO sealants can be processed with commercially available tools and the EGO SMOOTHING AGENT.  The smoothing agent is specially adapted to the processing of silicones and SMP and enables the best results here.

Sealing a caravan protects the vehicle from moisture ingress and other damage that can be caused by water. This also ensures the longevity.

The risks are mold growth and also damage to components and the interior of the caravan. These risks entail expensive repairs, sometimes components have to be replaced completely. Mold infestation is not to be taken lightly: It is dangerous to health.

All exterior components that can come into contact with water must be sealed waterproof. Roof, windows, skylights and also subsequent extensions are particularly at risk.

Due to tiny holes, loose screws, defective sealing at the panes, connecting edges with brittle sealant

  • improper installation or waterproofing carried out without professional knowledge and experience
  • the sealant used does not withstand UV radiation, temperature differences and weather conditions
  • rubber seals can shrink and become hard and brittle with the aging process
  • On the underside (transition from the underside to the side panel)
  • On the sides (side windows, exhaust chimney, external sockets, side flaps, ...)
  • Connections (transition from the roof to the outer walls)
  • On the roof (roof hood, exhaust stack, mounting holes)
  • At the front or rear (bow window, rear window, maneuvering handles, gas box, position lights, ...)

When sealing the windows, it is important to use an elastic sealant. Windows expand when exposed to heat. First, the cause of moisture ingress must be determined and prompt professional repair and resealing must be carried out. The selection of a suitable sealant depends, among other things, on the construction and the installed windows and materials. Butyl-based sealants are used here, e.g. as Butyl round cord or Butyl compound such as EGOFLOTT. These are resistant to aging and are suitable for permanent sealing and can also be removed again during repair work.