EGO CONLOC® adhesives

Professional adhesives in the UV, CA and SK systems are represented in the CONLOC range.

The silicone adhesive – for special cases

CONLOC® adhesives have led the field in modern adhesive technology for more than three decades. The adhesive properties have been and are constantly adjusted to meet the growing demands of our customers.

Frequently asked questions

CONLOC stands for adhesives with the highest quality and functionality standards at EGO.

A UV adhesive cures in seconds with UV or daylight. UV adhesive is perfect for glass-glass or glass-metal bonds with rapid cycle times.

A CA adhesive is an instant adhesive. CA adhesives cure under atmospheric conditions and with the residual moisture of the bonding surface.

A CA adhesive should be applied as thinly as possible to the surfaces to be bonded and these should be pressed together with light pressure. The curing time depends on the surfaces to be bonded, the adhesive thickness, the ambient humidity and the temperature, and generally takes only a few seconds.

An SK adhesive is a silicone-based adhesive which EGO offers as single-component or two-component system adhesive.

The single-component CONLOC SK 711 adhesive vulcanises at room temperature through reaction with air humidity to form an elastic end product. It is an acetate system and during curing it splits off minor amounts of acetic acid and solvent. The two-component CONLOC SK 713 system, together with the appropriate Primer, is a glass bonding set for glass-glass surface bonding and for the production of moulded parts through casting.

A CA adhesive is suitable for rapid bonding of preferably small adhesions in rubber, plastic, ceramics, metal and textiles.

An SK adhesive is suitable for fastenings subject to vibration and impact.