Adhesive & Sealant for plant engineering, machinery & mold making

David and Goliath – we have the sealing and fixation for young and old!

The possibilities for the use of sealants in the field of plant engineering and mould making are almost limitless. The many variations of our EGOBUTYLS serve as “all-rounder” sealants for joints and precast concrete parts and thus ensure the tightness of seals in hard-to-access areas. What’s more, water pressure and groundwater can be kept at bay. Plants at ground level can be sealed for flood protection so that flooding is safely survived. The use of seals for transformer boxes is already the German standard; other applications for protection against storm water spray are also already used in the building construction sector and installed with system control in the prefabricated construction sector.

Classic mould making is another key functional area for EGOBUTYLS. Here, moulded parts are manufactured using a casting process and finished using templates. EGOBUTYL provides the seal on the templates and thus realises the production process cost-effectively and with a good seal. EGOBUTYL is used in custom mould making and in the production of oversize moulded parts in particular. No other sealant in the mould provides this performance. The rubber-based properties of the EGOBUTYLS are unique in their application here in this respect.