The hybrids – Elastic adhesives/sealants for industry, construction and the automotive industry

SMP/MS Polymer is an elastic adhesive sealant with a wide variety of possible uses. Our solvent-free EGO SMP products stand out with low-Emission and long-lasting applications both indoors and outdoors.

Elastic adhesives and sealants for construction and industry

Overview EGO SMP MS

Possibilities of Shore A hardness, acc. total deformation, density, handling temperature, temperature resistance, module/tensile stress, tensile strength, viscosity, skin formation time, complete vulcanisation, volume shrinkage, form of delivery and storage.

Overview EGO SMP MS

Possibilities of product type and special application cases.

EGO SMP-Hybrids are designed for use both indoors and outdoors. They have a wide range of uses, covering the majority of building materials and materials in industry and trade. Thanks to their environmentally friendly properties, the EGO SMP products are a great alternative to conventional sealants and adhesives. They are used in areas with metal, glass, wood, concrete, masonry, aluminum, ceramics and various plastics.

Perfect for:

  • Seals/bonds which need to be silicone-free on the object
  • Sealing of building construction joints in accordance with DIN 18540-F
  • Connection and expansion joints in buildings and pedestrian walkways
  • Metal construction, apparatus construction, roof construction, automotive manufacturing, caravan manufacturing, mobile home construction, bodywork construction, steelwork, glass construction, furniture manufacturing, timber construction and concrete construction
  • Bonding of construction foils, rails/strips and panels, mirrors, natural stone, etc.

Combines many benefits:

  • Excellent adhesion spectrum even without Primer
  • Low-Emission
  • Elastic and at the same time stable bonds throughout the metals and construction sector

Frequently asked questions

Depending on the product quality, EGOFLEX products can be used in a wide variety of areas of application.

For bonding and installation work, as well as sealing in the field of construction and industry, for both indoor and outdoor applications. In concrete construction, roof construction, metal construction, steel construction, glass construction, furniture making and timber construction, as well as automotive construction, apparatus engineering, caravan manufacturing and car body construction. For metal, concrete, fibre cement, plaster, gypsum, ceramics, glass, timber, enamel, zinc, lead, stainless steel, HPL high-pressure laminates, hard PVC, aluminium, galvanised sheet metal, fibre-reinforced cement and various plastic substrates.

  • For sealing of building construction joints in accordance with DIN 18540.
  • For sealing for elastic connection joints in buildings and pedestrian paths.
  • For bonding of construction foils, rails/strips and panels.
  • For structural bonding on metal, concrete, glass, timber, lead, zinc, mirror, EPDM, natural stone, polystyrene and various other plastics, except PE and PP, among other things.

See the EGO technical data sheets. In general, the contact surfaces should be dry, stable and free from dust and de-bonding agents.

Fully painted sealant joints tend to crack with joint movements since the paint applied accommodates less expansion than the sealant beneath it. DIN 18540 says “joint sealants should not be painted over.” In practice, acrylates and SMP sealants are painted over, silicones are not. For painting, the sealant should first be tested in accordance with DIN 52452-4/A3.