EGOSILICONE 333 is a neutral, ready-to-use, high-quality single-component silicone sealant that vulcanises through reaction with air humidity to form an elastic end product. The product is free of 2 methylkethyl ketone oximes (MEKO) and methylisobuthyl ketone oximes (MIBKO). - extreme adhesion power - high mechanic strength - stable - tested as per ift regulation DI-01/1 and DI-02/1 - fast complete vulcanisation - tack-free after the shortest time - good processing quality For modern glass architecture and weather-resistant sealing of silicone-bonded outdoor facades (two-sided structural glazing), for conservatories and roof glazing. For sealing of silicone-bonded insulating glass and VSG.


  • Glass/VSG,
  • Glazed facades,
  • Roof,
  • glass/VSG
  • 1C system
  • 100 % free of solvents
  • Neutral curing
  • UV, ageing, weather resistance
  • abrasionresistant
  • DIN EN 15651-1
  • DIN EN 15651-2
  • DIN EN ISO 11600
  • DIN EN ISO 11600
  • AgBB Committee for Health-related Evaluation of Building Products
  • baubook
  • CE marking
  • DGNB German Sustainable Building Council
  • EPD
  • ift-guideline ISO
  • ift-guideline VSG
  • IVD Quality Mark No. 02.00.10
  • LEED EQ c4.1
  • VOC-Class A+

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