To EGO environment protection means more than just a slogan. For example, in 1984 we developed a re-usable packaging system called EGOPACK. This useful and clean system rendered obsolete cartridges that were problematic to dispose of renouncable, and thus achieved a valuable contribution to unburden the environment. Moreover we dispose of all other packaging materials via the INTERSEROH recycling organization. EGO not only carefully handles waste, it conscientiously considers environment protection in all the company’s activities. Responsible handling of energy and resources makes high demands – also in terms of technical know-how.

In order to further promote environmental protection and environmental protection, certification to ISO 14001: 2015 was achieved in 2018.

Based on personal conviction and the requirements of the standard, optimization processes in the area of environment and sustainability are constantly being worked on and implemented to the best of our conscience. The expanded company principles in the field of environmental protection are at the forefront of all actions throughout the company.

The energy efficiency of both new and old buildings is effectively increased by using EGO products which help to obtain air-tight building shells and to avoid moisture damage.In addition, most of our products are LEED®-compliant as per EQ c4.1 and meet the emission requirements according to EMICODE, AgBB or French VOC and KMR regulations with low VOC values.

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