Adhesive & sealant for concrete construction

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Concrete is an important building material, which is increasingly becoming a system building material in the construction industry. Precast elements made of concrete are mainly manufactured industrially in the areas of prefabricated houses, sewer, basement and tunnel construction as well as in construction. Manufacturing in the industrial sector is aimed at the improved and standardized and weather-independent manufacturing options. With the help of a few standard dimensions and a coordinated modular principle, precast manufacturers enable system solutions for almost every application in the field of concrete construction.

The industrially manufactured elements are mainly manufactured and pre-assembled in the factory. The demands on sealants in the manufacturing process are much higher than in the final assembly on site. After production, the pre-assembled concrete component still has to master movements and transport routes in order to fulfill its function at its destination and to remain sealed "for a lifetime". Our products designed for the precast concrete industry face this challenge. Our EGO experts will be happy to advise you on the selection of the right products to ensure complete tightness during the production process and when installed.

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