Grouting like a pro

Joint – Colour – Surface

Our motivation: integrating the join into the room concept as invisibly as possible! How does it work? Innovative products with the aim of becoming “invisible”. Range of colours, gloss, matt or effect variants. A feeling of well-being for the living spaces you should be comfortable in.

We see the join not as a problem, but rather as a challenge that we have solutions for.

We are happy to meet your requirements with our innovative products – sustainably and efficiently.

Application assistant

What are you planning?
Our application assistant guides you to the right EGO product for your project, step by step.

Surface assistant

What material does it concern?
Our surface assistant guides you to the appropriate EGO product for your surface, step by step.

Joint calculator

How much EGO do you need?
With our joint calculator, you can quickly and easily find out how much adhesive or sealant you need.