EGOSILICONE 333 Glass Façades Silicone20 pcs./box
Colour 310 ml cartridge
Article No.
600 ml foil bag
Article No.
  Transparent 333140300 333370300 *
  White 333141000 333371000
  Grey 333147000 333377000
  Black 333148000 333378000
*Minimum order quantity on request
EGOSILICONE 333 Glass Facades Silicone is a premium quality, one part sealant for the modern glass architecture. For weatherproof sealing of silicone-bonded external facades (double-sided structural glazing), for conservatories, roof glazing and for sealing insulated glass units bonded with silicone and laminated safety glass. Egosilicone 333 is resistant to weathering, ageing, UV radiation and 2-butanone oxime-free (MEKO-free) as well as methyl isobutyl ketoximefree (MIBKO-free). The product is tested according to ift-Directives DI-01/1 and DI-02/1.
Meets requirements of 
DIN EN ISO 11600 G 20 HM
DIN EN ISO 11600 F 20 HM
DIN EN 15651-1 F 20 HM EXT-INT-CC
DIN EN 15651-2 G 20 HM CC
IVD Instruction Sheets Nr. 22; 24; 27; 28; 29; 31; 35
IVD Quality Mark No. 02.00. 10
Baubook Austria Declaration
VOC emission according to
- AgBB 2015
- French VOC Class A+ and CMR-Regulation
- LEED® EQ c4.1

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